Greetings Ladies, Gentlemen and Miscellaneous Beings. Welcome to Timelord, your friendly, local (temporally speaking) Doctor Who Forums. So the message we sent to your psychic paper worked then?

This is the first port of call for new members. It contains the where, what, how, when and why of the forums...broadly speaking. 

Basically Timelord has several 'sections' which make up the whole. Firstly The Hub is where you find the general Doctor Who chat, can ask questions, and even engage in some Off Topic chatter. We do ask that when you post on The Hub you are respectful of others views. Strictly No Flaming, Spamming or Trolling. Any of these will result in a member ban. Don't be afraid to express your views, we’re a rather laid-back forum really....even if we seem like a bunch of crotchety classic Who fans at first, you'll soon find we appreciate the New Series too. 

The other sections contain respectively…
Single Fiction - Fan Fiction (complete stories sorted by Doctor or other category) 
Random Fiction - Fan Fiction (stories my multiple authors, waiting to be continued by you. Full instructions here
Timelord Gallery - Doctor Who related artwork 
Timelord Confidential - Interviews and essays 
Reviews section split into; Books, Audio, TV and Non-Who


- Where do I start? 

Well you can Introduce Yourself and read the other posts in the thread to find out about us. 
Post a question. Always make sure your subject title reflects the content. 
Continue/start a Random Fiction story (see this thread for details how). 
Write a new Single Fiction (complete) story.

- What is the procedure for posting a full story?
Step 1 - Find which category in the Single Fiction (click here and scroll down to the bottom) section your story suits best. If your story contains multiple Doctors put it in the Alternative Doctors section. 
Step 2 - Post your story in the section. Make sure you put the title of your story in the subject line and any warnings, e.g. language or potentially offensive content, also in the subject line and at the top of the dialogue box, ahead of your story. 
Step 3 - Copy the URL of the page your story is on, and paste the link in the 'What's New…' thread on The Hub, along with a brief 'blurb' or tagline for your story. 

- I notice the stories have pictures. How do I get one? 

There are two options. You can either make your own title picture or one will be made for you. If you wish to make your own please mention this when you post in the ‘What's New…’ thread. 

- How do I post a review? 

There are two ways to post. You can post to The Hub but make sure 'Review' is in the subject line of your post, or you can post directly in the appropriate review section. If someone’s already posted a review of whatever you are reviewing, please post it as a reply rather than a new thread (you can check the indexes at the top of each Review section to see what has already been reviewed). Then let everyone know by posting a link in the ‘What's New…’ thread.

If in doubt about anything at all, please ask. Admins are around most of the day and usually other members will be able to answer your questions anyway.

So, join in and have fun!

Mark and Sarah (Admins)

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